Your First Business

Your First Business

You are most likely reading this post because you want to start a business Your First Business. Starting a business is just the beginning, and having your own business brings great rewards, it means you are in control of your destiny, and your business is your road to success.

Starting a business can seem daunting especially if you don’t know where to begin. Many will ask the questions how do I get started, what are my legal obligations, how do I advertise, do I need a Plan, how much finance do I require?

If these are some of the questions, you are asking; I have put together a basic e-book to give you some of the answers. Your First Business, a Starters Guide, will point you in the right direction, get you thinking and assist you in making the right choices.


Today with modern communications and with the Internet available to us, starting a business can be very simple. In my ebook, Your First Business a Starters Guide, the information to start a business is covered in easy to follow chapters, covering;

Your First Business

Self Assessment
A Self Assessment will put you in the right mindset and help with making the right choice in your business niche selection .

Business Options
There are many options available, from starting up your own, buying an established business to buying a franchise.

Market Research
Research and understanding your market is one of the keys to business success.

Business Structure
How will you structure your business, as a sole trader a partnership or a corporation?

Statutory Requirements
Every Country has laws that cover businesses, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you comply.

You can have your own free copy here Your-First-Business-A-Starters-Guide1.pdf (95 downloads) or by subscribing below and following the links in your acceptance email Name your Business 

Name your Business 

Choosing a name is not complicated, and you can make it fun.

Business Location
Every Business needs an address.

Marketing and Advertising
Who is your target market and how do you plan to reach them.

The Cost of Business
How much money do you need to start your business?

Plan Your Business
Your business plan is a formal statement of your business goals.

Your First Business, a Starters Guide, with it’s easy to follow chapters for you to use as exercises, you are encouraged to take notes and follow the steps outlined. Once each chapter is complete, its good to go over and review your notes so you can see how you and your business idea measure up. A business is alive and will always change as it grows, doing the exercises and reviews, is a great and important way to measure if you are suited, to running the business of your choice. Doing these exercises will also highlight what necessary changes you need to do to make the business idea a success.

Starting and running a business is a huge responsibility, you are responsible to, your customers, suppliers and your family. You must plan how to support yourself and your business in the startup phase.

Having a business requires commitment, commitment to suffer the highs and lows, putting in the long hours, sacrificing your social life and some of the life’s luxuries we may be used to. Commitment to endure all of these and more will see you on the road to success.

Do you, have what it takes to start and run a business, are you committed and prepared for the ups and downs?

Great then you are ready to take the first step, here’s to the rewards of having your own business and to your success.


You can have your own free copy here Your-First-Business-A-Starters-Guide1.pdf (95 downloads) or by subscribing below and following the links in your acceptance email 

Your First Business

About Darren Wilkins


Darren is a semi-retired senior executive and serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline.

With 30+ years experience in management and as a management consultant Darren has a can-do attitude and offers real practical advice that can be used for any business no matter the size, Darren is using his time focusing on online opportunities and building better businesses.

With global experience managing and directing multimillion-dollar mega construction projects and businesses. Darren has a wealth of practical experience to share and wants to help you and your business.  

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10 thoughts on “Your First Business

  1. Am fitsum, i have my own company but still now i did not win the bid b/c they need experiance so what shall i do ? by the way My company name is ” Fitsum H/selassie Building Contructor ” So i need your help.

  2. Hi
    I m 16 year old kid n i m really confused because i just started with science stream
    But I also m interested in starting my business i want to be my own boss i m really confused n till date my mind is still fluctuating whether to continue with science stream or to opt for commerce
    Plz help

    • Wow at 16 and wanting to start you own business, that’s very admirable for someone your age, well done. We can only give you ideas and suggestions the decision is entirely yours as it is your life and future. What we suggest is you continue with your schooling, and maybe start you business part time. Starting slow will give you the time and flexibility to plan and get your business a solid footing. Once your business is proven and established then is a good time to review your options for your education and future.

  3. i want to build a small and simple business, a i asked you an advice of what business should i start.

    • Erwin, we would love to be able to assist you; but with the limited information you have provided we know nothing about your location, experience and what markets are available to you. We suggest you read the articles What Business to Start Parts 1 and Part 2 If you are serious about starting your own business why not start off building a website and your own blog Read the article at this link here Internet business without investment and also read Start Your own Blogging business Hope this assists you all the best with your business
      The Arcos Group Team

  4. I have a truck parking business of my own nd i want some other business also connected to trucks n transportation or some goodown business

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