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Turning Ideas Into Reality In this day and age there are so many resources available, there’s nothing to stop you turning your idea into reality and that idea into a successful business.

You have a great idea, and you ask how do I go about turning ideas into reality. How do you test your idea and see if it has the potential to become successful? You don’t want to waste your hard earned money on a business if it doesn’t have the potential to become a success.

Turning Ideas into Reality, is a question many wanting to start a business ask. I don’t have the answer to every business, but I can give you assisting ideas in six easy to follow steps that you can try without investing a single cent. These ideas could help answer your questions and potentially assist you in Turning Ideas into Reality.


First thing is always to have a plan when you start out even a basic handwritten on a single page listing out your key ideas or use a business planning tool such as LivePlan

List your;
Strengths & Weaknesses
A basic Budget

Read our page Starting a Business for more information.

Turning Ideas into Reality

Step 1 Share your idea friends and family

It’s your idea, you came up with it and you are passionate about it and you want to make it a success. Often people when they come up with an idea, are scared of someone stealing it. Don’t let that stop you; it’s your idea, and you are much further down the road. You have a head start on anyone else, so don’t let that be an excuse for, not starting.

The best place for advice is your friends and family, often the feedback may seem one-sided, but take note and right down the comments and spend some time reviewing them. For obvious reasons, some comments may be because of jealousy/envy or may seem negative, don’t let these comments get you down. A review of the written comments will help us decipher and get to real helpful information. Go back and ask again and this time with your notes as the reason for their comment.
Reviewing and asking for an explanation will give you confidence and give an idea if it’s worthwhile to make that start.

Step 2 Test your Product or Idea

If you are happy and feel comfortable with the comments and decide to take the next step test your product or service on your friends and family.


Get feedback, review it and make adjustments then test again until you are confident with the feedback. Many make the mistake of not testing and retesting when you have an operating business testing often goes out the window as you are so busy with all the activities required to operate. Now is the time as you can give it 100% of your focus.

Step 3 Get your idea out there

You have tested the waters with your friends and family; now the next step is the real world. Do you use social networking, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other form and you are likely to have a list of contacts in your email accounts? Your contacts are your potential customers, the feedback you get will be honest sometimes brutal, you will know very quickly if your idea is a good or a potential failure. You need feedback!

A fantastic free tool available is SurveyMonkey  SurveyMonkey is a free online service where you can customize your survey. Setting up your survey is easy, once you have it setup send it out to your social networks and email contacts.

Step 4 build a website

In today’s age, a website is an essential part of any business. A website combines a way to brand, sell and gives your business a personality it’s a window for your customers to view your business.

I covered before in the post Internet Business without Investment This article describes how you can do this for free, using Wealthy Affiliate or for better control and quality at very low cost ipage 

ipage and Wealthy Affiliate both use WordPress which has thousands of free website templates which will raise the profile of your business taking it to the next level.

Tell everyone you meet about your website, when you’re at the hairdressers in a cab or a the bus or while waiting talk to those around you. Get some business cards printed, they are usually very cheap and make sure you have your web details on it. Make some flyers about your site and get them out there.

Google and Bing as do all of the search engines have tools available for free to track and measure your website’s visitors. Tracking your visitors is an important part of  your business, as these visitors are real people, remember real people are potential customers.

Step 5 Build a mailing list

You now have a website, and you have started to build your visitor numbers. Now you want to turn these visitors into customers. Aweber is an Autoresponder tool you can use to create a customized sign up form and have free trials. Aweber puts a form on your site where your visitors can sign up and subscribe to your business, building a mailing list for you.

Aweber manages your subscribers and enables you to send out updates, promotions or other information to those on your subscriber mailing list.

Wufoo  is also an online tool as is MailChimp both of which you can have free but limited use; you can use to create a sign-up form. Having a sign-up form to collect whatever information you need to know about your potential customers is a great way to start building a connection with your fans!

Inform your potential customers what they’ll receive by signing up, it can be a newsletter, site updates, or sales items.People don’t appreciate regular sales emails. You need to offer something that will capture their interest. You have an exciting business idea and your potential customers want to know more about, don’t make it flashy, and complex keep it simple.

Step 6 Engaging visitor to your site

Now your website is growing in visitors each day, keep the information up to date and informative. Information can become quickly outdated, and you need to keep it fresh, the more frequently you post new articles will keep your existing followers engaged and attract new visitors all of whom are potential customers.

Business Success


Your business will bring you a lot of personal satisfaction and at times frustration. Don’t be put off if things don’t immediately go as you want, keep on testing and modifying your strategy.
You are now well on the way to having a successful business; any business takes a huge commitment and a lot of hard work. The rewards and returns are immeasurable, and I wish you all the best in your business.

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Darren is a semi-retired senior executive and serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline.

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11 thoughts on “Turning Ideas Into Reality

  1. I have an idea and didn’t know have to make it into a business, your site has some very good information and has helped me. I now know what I need to do and soon I know I will have a business. Thank you so much for the information you have provided, I will always be comming back to check for more and I have also printed some. Thanks

    • Hi Funkie, Haveing the idea is the first step and turning that into a business can be a challenge. Starting a business will bring you great satisfaction and it looks like you are already in control of your future. If you have any questions you can email us at contactus@arcos-creator.com all the best with your business

  2. I have a small fashion business and thanks to the great information you have provided here as help me get my business where it should be. Following your advice and steps on planning and marketing has given me direction and I am on the way to being the fashion leader in my small market. Thank you for all the good advice. Christian

    • Wow, Christian, so glad you have found all the info beneficial and what I think is fantastic is you have taken action and followed the steps we have provided. You are a prime example of how success can be achieved by taking simple action well done and keep it up. It would be great to hear more of your progress and success, please send us an email or post a comment anytime. contactus@arcos-creator.com

  3. Great read, I have had many ideas over the years and have never known how to get them going, thanks for the inspiration you are now looking at a new business success.

  4. This is a really good post. You have some good ideas. I think the most important is commitment though. Without that, all the rest can fall by the wayside. It’s not just a one time thing and you’re done. I like your list though.

    • Glad you picked that up Debbi. Commitment is the key to success in anything we do whether it be in our personal life with our family and friends our career or business

  5. You truly have a handle on this and a lot of the suggestions you have on making things into reality are right on the money .I also think you need to have PMA (positive mental attitude) in order to accomplish this .

    • Thank’s David, I agree having the right attitude especially a positive one is one of the keys to success, many fail when things don’t go right, they give up due to a defeatist attitude. Take the good with the bad and a positive attitude will see the bad fade as we stick with our idea adjusting and improving as we go.

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