The Four Steps to Success

The Four Steps To Success

Being an entrepreneur mean’s our mind is always active and filling with new ideas, following the four steps to success will see your ideas become reality.

the four steps to success

Get Started

One of the biggest problems we all face as entrepreneurs is getting that idea to the execution stage. Often we tend to run the worse case scenarios over and over in our minds, building up seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Building these imaginary obstacles prevent us in stopping action, and ultimately our success. Some even say (and you may have thought this yourself) “I can’t share my idea because someone might steal it, so I will keep it a secret. Or someone will say my idea is doomed to be a failure, its stupid.

Does any of that sound familiar, well you are not alone, it’s human nature for fears and negative thoughts to develop and they happen to the all of us. What is critical is how we react and deal with these emotions we need to rise above these, thought blocking emotions roadblocks. There is always another way to turn those ideas into positive thoughts and the success we initially felt. We can come up with hundreds of excuses to not get started, stop now and take action. The road to success is not easy, remember, nothing good comes easy, you only achieve greatness with effort.

Take Action

Ideas demand action, every venture began as an idea, without action they would have never got off the ground. Any successful, idea didn’t stay as and idea for long, the entrepreneur behind the great ideas of today took action and a calculated risk. Success doesn’t, from the good ideas it’s the result of an action, and having the strength to brave and obstacle that arises.

Are finding it a struggle to get going following the four steps to success, will see you overcome any obstacles see you take it to the next level. Follow the four steps to success that will help you to put those plans into motion.

1. Never fear failure

With every good idea, there are likely to be 20 or more ideas that never got off the ground. Most entrepreneurs find success after trying and trying again ideas they finally deciding it wasn’t worth it. That’s not to say they gave in and quit, far from it, realising some ideas just won’t work, is a good thing.

the four steps to success

An entrepreneur will have a number of ideas and will try the next and the next until he knows he’s got a good thing.
Don’t have unrealistic expectations that you will always have instant success, and you will have failures but don’t let that failure control your future. Success will come so persevere and prove to yourself failure can be beaten.

2. Develop a plan

A successful idea only bears fruit by taking action, a good way to do this is by haveing a clearly defined plan an action plan.

First, break, your idea down into actionable components, or steps; must do’s, maybe’s and ideas.

Must do’s break these into an order of priority and it’s good to give each item in, the must do list a realistic timeline.

Maybe Items, list these down, again in order of priority, some you will find the need to be moved to your must do list.
It’s a good idea to constantly reference and refine this list as often some of these maybes will quickly become must do’s.

Finally your ideas list, you will find as you develop and work through the must do’s and the maybes you will have new thoughts and ideas pop up, record these and same as with the other lists review these regularly and adjust as deemed necessary.

Often it’s good, to in parallel develop a business plan doing this will help you get a good understanding and grounding in what will be required to launch your idea as a business. A business plan will also be required for any funding that may be required to launch your idea or business.

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3. Refine Your Idea

With every idea you have, there will be risk attached, with careful planning many of the potential pitfalls that come up will be avoided. You will get opposition and a lot of negative feedback as you initially present your idea. Take all of that feedback and use it to your advantage, what was it that wasn’t liked? Can you improve on the idea by implementing the feedback you received?

You need flexibility and be willing to deviate from your original line of thought, in order to find success. Don’t be so rigid in your thinking and get hung up so much you lose focus on the bigger picture. The great thing about writing everything down in a plan will help you in determining the direction you need to go. You will be surprised at how this helps you refine your idea and improve.

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4. Never give up

It will get tough remember the old saying when the going gets tough the tough get going. That doesn’t mean we blindly soldier on regardless of the consequences. What needs to be done is action, keeping busing following your Action Plan and building our Business Plan
will ensure we stay on track. Self-doubt will arise at times, but keeping a determined focus on your ultimate goal will see you through.

the four steps to success

Act now, in our busy lives distractions come up, and those ideas can quickly be pushed aside. Don’t ever get to the stage where you look back with regret at a missed opportunity; there is nothing worse than a dream that never gets to see the light of day. The longer you wait, then the likelihood of making it happen is almost zero. Nothing is ever perfect so don’t worry and wait for the perfect time, or you will be waiting forever.

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You don’t need millions of dollars to become successful; think what value can your idea bring to this world. Show people why they need you, and your idea a good Idea will always bring investors.

Make time, no matter how busy you are, if you want that, success bad enough, you’ll make time for it.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed success never comes easy, but when it comes, it’s worth it. Keep your original enthusiasm and always reflect where you started (with nothing) you will soon get motivated again and want to finish.

Procrastination always leads to failure, there never a right time, remember the time, is right, now.

Turn your idea into action now; you are in control of your destiny it’s up to you, get it done. Develop a plan, break it up into workable tasks, and make it happen.

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