Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

successful entrepreneur

Steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur always has an open mind, and an entrepreneurs success started with an idea.

Our thought patterns dictate if your minds are creative, and your decisions determine if you take action and if the idea will bear fruit.

The steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur, first you need to get your mind aligned, being open to new ideas. Always on the lookout for an opportunity, tune our minds to accept something we may have previously dismissed. Getting into the right mindset will enable you to be more focused and take action, helping with making the right decision.

If You Want to Become a Successful Entrepreneur, here are some simple tips to help get you there.

1. Get Started, Take Action

A successful entrepreneur is always ready to jump into action and is someone who gets things done. By having our minds trained and alert to opportunities we are always ready to take action.

Take Action


2. How to become a successful Entrepreneur

The majority of people in this world have an employee mindset, they follow the rules and never challenge or question the way things are done. As an entrepreneur, you need to stand out, and you need to think differently. Don’t be ordinary and follow the crowd.
Being an entrepreneur means you are innovative always trying and testing new ideas. Look at the great entrepreneurs of our time, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; their success stands out because of being innovative; these men all started with nothing, in a small store or their garage now they are all recognised billionaires.

Entrepreneural Knowlege

You have to be forward thinking and have the ability to think big, have the attitude of thinking big. When you start a venture, you start with a big mindset the way you want your venture…big!!

You don’t need a new idea just a better way!!

3. Belief and Tenacity

Can you imagine, the world without the things we take for granted? Imagine the world without electricity, the automobile and the list goes on. All these were dreams and the result of someone’s tenacity and having the mindset of never saying no and quitting. If you quit, you lose. As long as you did not quit, you stand a chance to win the game. So never give up.



We all have abilities, trust that you can do it and believe in your dreams. You have to be the first person to believe in yourself; have belief in yourself and others will soon follow. You will experience some setbacks, even rejections of your idea and you will make mistakes, never giving up learning, that belief in your success is what will see you through.


Every successful entrepreneur has the ability, to create something extraordinary, putting them on a secure road for the future. Without that self-belief, you would soon be throwing it all in and walking away. A successful Entrepreneur stands out because they are tenacious believe and pursue their dreams, never giving up.




4. Take Risks

Taking risks in business is not like throwing your money at a roulette wheel as in gambling, your risks should be planned have flexibility and calculated. Your strategy will be planned, and any unforeseen will be captured in some form, and you will have a contingency for these.

You want to be a success so you will research be prepared with a well-rehearsed action plan ready for whatever is thrown at you. Doing this will give you the greatest chance of succeeding and giving you that competitive advantage to win.

Remember; the biggest risk is not taking any risk.

7. Be DifferentMake it Happen

Stand out to be different; your business needs to stand out from your competition. There are many out there most likely with the same idea, what can you do to give you a unique edge that will draw customers to you? Putting in the effort and going that extra mile can make the difference between your venture being ordinary or extraordinary.

Every successful entrepreneur does that bit extra, they put in the extra time, extra effort and always take action, which makes them successful.

5. Enjoy doing it

Being an entrepreneur this doesn’t mean you are some alien with no needs or emotion. Take the time to enjoy your new venture and let that flow into your personal life. Enjoying what you do will help you to become more creative, and that brings more opportunities and success. You need to have fun as well. Whatever you do your new venture will take up a very large portion of your life you need to have fun, and this will help you be creative and successful. 

About Darren Wilkins


Darren is a semi-retired senior executive and serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline.

With 30+ years experience in management and as a management consultant Darren has a can-do attitude and offers real practical advice that can be used for any business no matter the size, Darren is using his time focusing on online opportunities and building better businesses.

With global experience managing and directing multimillion-dollar mega construction projects and businesses. Darren has a wealth of practical experience to share and wants to help you and your business.  

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6 thoughts on “Become a Successful Entrepreneur

  1. Just what I needed, Ive been floundering for a while now and need a boost its articles like this that get us motiveated and back into action, thanks just what i needed. You have a lot of useful information and I will be back for sure. Thanks a miilion (I mean it)

    • Hi Dave, that’s great that this post motivated you to action, I’m currently writing another post about motivation and success, I hope you get some benefit from that also.
      It will be great to see you back here and read your thoughts on further posts.

  2. Hi Darren,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience about how to become a successful entrepreneur.
    I enjoyed reading it and found it reinvigorating and encouraging.
    As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I absolutely agree with all the points you have mentioned.
    From personal observation, I have also noted that to become successful, building a wide network and having a role model or mentor also helps in building any business.
    It is very lonely as a small business owner or online entrepreneur, so every little support goes a long way.

    Best regards,

    • You are most welcome Sue,
      Experience goes a long way but never let that be a stop in being an entrepreneur anyone can be an entrepreneur it’s a journey a journey with many challenges but great rewards.
      Traditionally, an entrepreneur is a person who organises and manages an enterprise often that includes the role of owner, manager and worker. And yes you are right and I appreciate your comment about support and the best thing anyone can do is seek out a mentor build or join a support network.
      Success shared can inspire and encourage a great way to ward off those extremely lonely times.

  3. Inspiring post, I have been slowly been developing a new concept I want to release to the market and it does get tiring. You have some great information on this site and it always motivates me to keep going. Thanks and see you on the other side….Success!!!

    • Hi John, thank you for reading my posts and I am so glad it motivates you.
      Motivation is something we cannot overlook when being in business and as you say it does get tiring. I find myself slowing down at times and its comments from readers like you that gives me the inspiration to get going and spend the time to research and share my own entrepreneurial experiences.
      Success comes in many forms, I would say you have already found success believe in yourself as I believe in you.

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