Small Business Structures

Small Business Structures

With your business, you are probably asking what type of Small Business Structures are available to me?

This is the fourth video in our series breaking down in simple terms the steps required to build your business and focusing on Small Business Structures and following on from the third video Small Business Market Research 

In this Video, we look at different types and the basics of Small Business Structures

I hope you benefit and continue learning how to start and run a successful business.

About Darren Wilkins

Small Business Structures

Darren is a semi-retired senior executive and serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline.

With 30+ years experience in management and as a management consultant Darren has a can-do attitude and offers real practical advice that can be used for any business no matter the size, Darren is using his time focusing on online opportunities and building better businesses.

With global experience managing and directing multimillion-dollar mega construction projects and businesses. Darren has a wealth of practical experience to share and wants to help you and your business.  

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2 thoughts on “Small Business Structures

  1. Hi management, thank you so much for your guidance via establishment of small businesses. I for one would like to establish a small online business, but i need help on what type of business to start, the business structures, startup capital, location, market opportunities and advertisements. Please advise accordingly. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Frank, Thank you for taking the time to comment, we also commend you for wanting to establish a small online business.
      We have set up a FaceBook support group, Friends of Arcos Creator. The purpose of this group to help you in starting and growing your business you can share your ideas and communicate with others like you who are getting started or are already operating a business.
      The Friends of Arcos Creator is a community where you can share your ideas, and it’s a great place to ask the questions you ask in your comment. Many of our members have asked similar questions to yours and you will find valuable information on Business Planning and even links to Business Plan templates.
      Darren is personally making himself available to answer your questions and help you with starting and running your Business.
      You can join free of charge, by following this link
      As a note; it may take up to 24hrs for your membership to be made active.
      We look forward to participating with you.

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