Small Business Marketing and Advertising

Small Business Marketing and Advertising

As a business you need to be seen and be known, how can you do this? By using Small Business Marketing and Advertising

Spend the time looking at different advertising options available to you, do a Google search for marketing or advertising ideas and list the top 10 and develop an advertising strategy in your market plan from these

Here is the eighth video in our series breaking down in simple terms the steps required to build your business; this video is looking at how to get started with Small Business Marketing and Advertising and answers simply how you can do this.

This video follows on from the seventh video  Small Business Marketing and Advertising can seem daunting, but by following the simple methods in this video will make it easy.

I hope you benefit and continue learning how to start and run a successful business.

About Darren Wilkins

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Darren is a semi-retired senior executive and serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline.

With 30+ years experience in management and as a management consultant Darren has a can-do attitude and offers real practical advice that can be used for any business no matter the size, Darren is using his time focusing on online opportunities and building better businesses.

With global experience managing and directing multimillion-dollar mega construction projects and businesses. Darren has a wealth of practical experience to share and wants to help you and your business.  

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