My Nespresso Capsule Solution

My Nespresso Capsule Solution

Well, after a few days of experimenting with refilling Nespresso Capsules, I finally have My Nespresso Capsule Solution I caved in and reverted to Decaf….Why

Using the method outlined in the Youtube video I couldn’t get a consistent brew all I got was cups all filled to various levels and with a watery, flavourless product.

For me, coffee of this quality or lack off, is “UNACCEPTABLE”! 

What I discovered; was that the refilled capsules would not get a good seal due to the aluminium foil. I tried everything from using a rubber band to glueing the foil to the capsule, some worked ok but still not good enough coffee.

My Nespresso Capsule Solution

What, to do now, I am still trying to get a good source, I could go straight to Nespresso they have stores in Beijing and Shanghai. I can’t justify the cost 3-4 times what I pay back home and previously I have been able to get equivalent online for half the cost. I will keep searching I will find some.

In my search, I did find a refillable Nespresso capsule that I ordered online, through Taobao, the Chinese equivalent to Amazon. The capsules arrived fast, within 24 hrs and worked great easy to use and produce a good brew while not perfect it is good enough until I get the real thing. 

My Nespresso Capsule Solution

 What I found interesting, is that when I ordered them, I thought that they were a European product. As it turns out they, are made by a Chinese company locally in China, Emohome, and they can also be brought from Amazon amongst others.My Nespresso Capsule Solution

What, I have always been very puzzled by the fact; is that here in China, many products which we can readily get off the shelf at our local department store, supermarket or hardware and local convenience store. They are all near-on impossible to buy in China, even though, these product being produced and manufactured here.

The capsules I got online, I paid at least 2 1/2 time the cost I would have back home, and they’re made locally. The thing is most products are manufactured in bulk for the western market and being a resident in China it’s just another inconvenience to endure. With a bit of determination and a thorough search, I can usually find a source for most items even if at a higher price.

 All said and done I do recommend the Emohome refillable capsules, I understand they  also make capsules also for the Dolce Gusto line of coffee machines.

And by the way I have no affiliation with Emohome, it is a product I found to fill my needs that I do recommend. Maybe I will investigate to possibility of becoming a marketing affiliate, who knows!

 Anyway, time for a coffee break, fresh espresso anyone?My Nespresso Capsule Solution

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2 thoughts on “My Nespresso Capsule Solution

  1. Hi, I had the same issue, with nespresso capsules being so expensive I gave your suggestions a try and came to the same conclusion and orderd the emo capsules from amazon. They work well, thanks for the heads up

    • Thanks for letting me know how the replacement capsules worked for you, so happy you can now always enjoy a good coffee at a reasonable price.

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