Make Your Office Paperless

Make Your Office Paperless

In today’s world, we seem to get inundated with paper, we get bills statements in the mail, and we collect receipts when we make a purchase, you can make your office paperless today.

File Cabinets

How do you deal with all this paper, do you have a filing system, our just an old shoebox in the corner that we shuffle through in frustration when we need a particular document?

Are you tired of having to go through a mountain of paper to find that small obscure document?


There is another way!Paperoverload

Make Your Office Paperless 

With all of the gadgets and software available to us today and with some, you can get for free making a Paperless Office simple to set up. 

Evernote is a great piece of software to manage all of your paper documents and it can be downloaded  for free.

It is easy to use just drag and drop any document into Evernote and its stored and filed away for easy access later.

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I find the best way to manage my paperwork is to scan and save as a PDF give it a simple easy to remember file name, and then I drag and drop into Evernote. I use a ScanSnap S1300i see below for more info, but any scanner will do and saving your file as a PDF gives added security to your documents.

I have created a number of Notebooks (folders) and have these tagged, i.e. Documents, Bills, Receipts, etc. and I just drag the file to that notebook, it is so easy.

With Evernote, it is very easy to retrieve a document you just go to the Notebook open it click on your file and view it. You can use any file format you are familiar with; MS Office, PDF and a multitude of others. If it is a word file, it will automatically open in MS Word if it is a PDF you have scanned it will open in Adobe or any other PDF reader you use; it is that simple.

As I said earlier, I use a ScanSnap S1300i made by Fujitsu, that is highly portable and travels with me almost everywhere. The ScanSnap S1300i scans Multi-Page double-sided documents with the push of a button it is easy to use at the desk or on the road. You can easily put up to 10 pages into the automatic document feeder (ADF) and press the button.

ScanSnap 1


Simple to use Smart Scanning Features

I like the fact it has a double scanner; it can scan a double-sided document and automatically convert the scan to a PDF, and it integrates with Evernote scanning and saving it automatically in Evernote. All I need do is file the scanned document in the notebook I want at a later date.

ScanSnap S1300i scans both sides of a document up to 12 pages per minute. It scans directly to PDF, searchable PDF, JPEG, or to office applications like Word or Excel. With auto-orientation and auto color recognition the ScanSnap S1300i will automatically recognise the size of a document, it will detect and correct it the page is inserted askew, and then displays the image in its correct orientation. You can even choose to have blank pages deleted automatically.

Scan direct to Cloud

Not only will the ScanSnap S1300i scan a document direct to Evernote it also scans to the Cloud, if you use Google Drive, Dropbox. I use JustCloud that gives me unlimited storage and backup for a very reasonable price

Just Cloud

Ease of Portability

ScanSnap S1300i comes with a standard AC Adapter but for mobile use, it can be powered by the computer’s USB ports. As I said earlier, I use it when I travel; it’s light, portable extremely reliable, fast and simple to use.

Another great and simple tool I use to store my business cards is WorldCard By Penpower. WorldCard is a mobile App for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile it takes a photo using your built in camera and using OCR technology saves and converts it direct to your contacts.

Evernote, when used together with the ScanSnap S1300i, and WorldCard creates a truly paperless system that is accessible anywhere, a system anyone can easily setup and use.

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Darren is a semi-retired senior executive and serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline.

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30 thoughts on “Make Your Office Paperless

  1. Great idea and so simple, you are so right it is so easy today to be organised, we have so many devices that interact and with the software we can use it should be a breeze.

  2. What you posted was actually very reasonable and a good positive idea, it sounds effective and easy to implement, really I have no excuse so I had better give it a go hadn’t I 🙂

    • Hope it works well Tory, thanks for your comment and yes a paperless office is simple to implement and is very effective.

  3. Hi my friend! I wish to say that this article is amazing,
    nicely written and includes almost all the info needed to get started with a simple filing system.

  4. Nice post and I’m impressed. Very useful info specifically the part about scanning and PDF your docs I never thought about doing that for my bills and receipts. 🙂 Thank you and good luck, PS. I’m off to do some scanning

    • Thank’s Anette, most scanners these days have the ability to convert directly, to PDF making it very simple. By scanning bills and receipts is a good way to avoid clutter as once you have them scanned you can destroy the originals, depending on the legal requirements of your country. Some countries require we save all our documents for five to seven years, I scan and PDF all of mine and that is more than satisfactory to comply.

  5. Great website, I like this article, I wish office was as organised as you describe I’m like the picture that’s me under a mountain of paperwork lol

    • Hi May, there are so many tools available to us today, I only mentioned the ones that work for me, try them out and I am sure that mountain will clear. 🙂

  6. I travel a lot for my work and I basically do what you suggest. I use Evernote for my scanning I have an old portable cannon printer with an IS scan cartridge it’s a little slow and I have to convert my scans to PDF, but it works for me. I haven’t seen a scan snap before, but I am on the look out sounds like a good option. Thanks.

  7. Hi, very useful advice in this post! It’s the little changes which will be the most significant.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  8. Interesting content I stumbled upon your page while searching for info on evernote, while not exactly what I was after you do make a good argument to making an office more efficent.

  9. I stumbled here from a different website and thought I should check
    things out. I like what I see so I am now following you.

    Look forward to reading more soon.

  10. This what I have been searching for, I have always tried to get my office organized so I can file electronically. PDFs and creating folders has become bulky and time consuming. I had Evernote on my laptop since I bought it and never used it as I didn’t know what it was. Now I will try it out, thanks for the tips.

    • Hope it all works for you Ash. I understand Evernote is provided with a lot of new computers free. A lot of people probably don’t use it, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by what it can do for you.

  11. I read this piece and thought yes that’s what I need, with all the new technology out there I don’t think I have an excuse. I travel for my work so I will try your suggestions thanks.

  12. I have always had a problem with my filling and doing exactly as you describe, yes I’m a habitual shoebox filer. I will definitely be trying Evernote and scanning all my files from now on, good suggestions thanks.

    • Glad to be of help JJ, I sure using these suggestions you will actually find it’s easy to implement and you will soon have all your paperwork in order.

  13. This excellent website really has all of the information I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    • For a business to be successful you need a system and the great thing is there are so many systems available today.

  14. I think it’s finally time to really make this happen. The tech is there, the cost of storage is minimal, the convenience of having your files with you anywhere in the world is a huge benefit. It’s a great idea! Thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment Don. with all the tools at our fingertips today, it is so easy and simple almost everyone can use these and set up a paperless office, anywhere.

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