10 Low Cost Startup Business Ideas

Low Cost Startup Business Ideas

If you are scouting for Low Cost Startup Business Ideas but with a limited startup capital, you’re in the right place. Here is a list that you’ll surely find helpful, finding the right startup business that fits your budget.

Low cost startup business ideas

1) Direct sell

Brands like Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware offers interested individuals an income opportunity through enlisting the help of representatives in selling the products. If selling a product is one of your strengths then, this business idea is perfect for you. You may earn up to 30% of your sales. All you need is $5 to register with Avon and $100 for Mary Kay and Tupperware. Imagine how much you can earn with just a meager amount as this.

2) Sell homemade gourmet foods

For gourmands or those people whose passion is cooking, such passion can be transformed into a profitable business. You may start with spreads, jellies and jams in your own kitchen and sell it with your relatives and neighbors. All you’ll need are cooking supplies and packaging. Setup a Facebook page, if you must to spread the tasty news further, which is by the way free to setup.

3) Sell pet sitting services

Do you love animals? If yes, you can offer pet sitting and walking for those pet owners who leave their homes for work. Someone needs to tend to the cats or dogs and it could it be you. You’ll simply need the basic marketing materials such as flyers or business cards, both of which you can do by yourself through customizing available templates online.

4) Sell calligraphy services

Have a good penmanship? Capitalize on it through selling it to local businesses. One perfect clientele is the to-be-weds. Definitely, you will need a portfolio which you can show to would-be clients. It would be much better to create an online portfolio where your future clients may browse. You may also create a profile on job pooling websites such as Upwork.

5) Offer tutorial services

Parents and guardians often need the help of individuals who excel in specific subjects such as math and science. You may opt to setup a one-man tutoring services office if you have outstanding numeracy and literacy capabilities. Private tutorial is in demand for students in all age brackets. Even adult learners need some project consultancy sometimes. The only cost you’ll need is for the marketing collateral.

Low Cost Startup Business Ideas

6) Sell menu planning services

Meal planning is a booming industry. A menu planner doesn’t have to prepare the meals, but he or she prepares the weekly or monthly meal plan for an individual or family. You may focus on specific niche such as paleo, gluten-free or vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian yourself, this should come easy. If not but you still want to penetrate this growing market, you may start learning about vegetarian diets, for instance.

7) Sell green cleaning services

Another trend that is certainly catching is the green cleaning service provision. There are plenty of cleaning services out there and being a green provider is good way to differentiate your business. Research about green cleaning solutions that you can offer to your target market and you may also concoct your own solutions. You will have to shell out at least $200 for the raw materials and equipments.

8) Offer mobile repairing services

Perhaps, there is no one person you know who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Consider this as a huge earning potential. Nevertheless, you need to invest in learning how to repair mobile gadgets. You need not setup an office because you may go to your client’s place to repair his or her device. However, make sure that you prepare some flyers and business cards to spread the good news.

9) Be a senior companion

With the ever-growing population of the golden-agers, you’ll have an instant market. Some elderly wants to stay at home and not on the homecare facilities. However, their children or custodians fear that something wrong might happen in case of leaving the elderly at home alone. This job, however, is not for everybody, but only for those who are passionate about helping others especially the seniors.

10) Offer resume writing services

There are a plethora of job seekers who doesn’t seem to get their resumes right. If you have a knack on building a professional resume from scratch, this job is for you. Your first stop is online where you can sell your services. For instance, you may create a profile in LinkedIn where most of the members are seeking employment.

Low Cost Startup Business Ideas

There are so many choices for a low cost startup. All of the ideas above will only require less than $250; some of the things you might need can be already found in your household. The first thing to do, however, is to psyche yourself to know which areas you can specialize in and then, focus on that one particular area. Try one of these Low Cost Startup Business Ideas and you will be surprised at how simple and fast you can have a successful business.

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