Internet business without investment

Internet Business Without Investment

Internet business without investment …. is it possible.

Starting your own Internet Business Without Investment is possible, you can do this without putting any money down, there is a catch!The Catch

The catch is you will need to invest something, what is that?
Time, time is your greatest investment and your time input is critical to your success. Any available minute you can spare you need to invest in building your online business.


Ok, how can it be done?

There are over 2 billion internet users out there looking for opportunities to make their life better. The fact you are here reading this is because you, like me want to earn money.

Having a Website is an online business and is a very simple process you can learn and get started very quickly.

Like any business, you need to decide your target market, your Niche. Choosing something that you have knowledge of and is of personal interest is the best place to start.

It could be food, sport, travel, fashion, health or even pets the choices are endless, just make sure you have some knowledge of the particular subject you choose.

When you are in the market to buy a new product, it may be for a want or need. What do you do first? You look for the product you are after; often you will research and compare. Most likely you will think over the product choice, and maybe you will look many times, each time thinking and deciding is this; really, what you are after, then you will buy! (maybe).

It is the same with making money online; your Website is the store. Visitors (Traffic) will come and go each time looking at what you have to offer and maybe go away thinking is it for them. This process takes time. Just like any store you can’t expect 10,000 customers on your day of opening, it takes time.


Ok, you have now chosen a Niche, and you understand the importance of traffic and how it works. Now it’s time to decide do I want to make a free site or purchase your own domain. If you want to purchase your own domain, you can get one for under $20 USD.

I use Wealthy Affiliate as my web host

ipage offers some great packages including Google Adwords and free website building tools.

WordPress is one of the website builders that is part of your ipage package. WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder with over 30% of all websites being built on WordPress and is easy to use, and has many add-ons (plugins) to make your business successful.

What about a free site, free web hosting and site builder can it be done? Yes.
Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools you require to make a fantastic website, along with great training on how to turn your site into a successful business.

My Choice to use Wealthy Affiliate has proved to be the best decision I have made in setting up a website and learning how to market online.

Even though I use ipage as my initial host, I found transferring my sites to Wealthy Affiliate an easy process.
I decided to become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, which has opened up a world of opportunities for my businesses.

WA has a supportive members community from all walks of life that are all there for the same reason, make money online and are willing to give assistance when you ask.

With an easy to follow training course is available, for “Free”!! All the information is there in a step by step simple to understand presentations, all you need to create a fantastic site to build and start your online business.

Once you have built your site, start filling it out with content related to your chosen Niche and start getting ranked by Google, Bing and any other search engines.

I use a tool called Jaxxy to search for keywords to use in my site using a Key Word helps with search engine tracking, which will get you ranked, getting traffic. Jaxxy is the world’s most advanced keyword search tool.

You can start advertising products from affiliates, such as Amazon and start making an income. All of this is covered in the  training.

To Re-Cap

1st: Choose an Interest (this will become your Niche)

2nd: Build Your Website

3rd: Get ranked by search engines (build traffic)

4th: Start making and income from your traffic

The internet offers so much in the way of creating a simple business that can turn over at times, a reasonable passive income.

Any business including online businesses require a committed input and effort, the work you put in at the start will pay you returns ten-fold in the long term.
A business is a journey; anyone that says you can get rich quick in business is someone speaking with no experience. Yes, a business can have big returns, and anyone that has hit the big time has done the hard yards in the background to create success.

Treasure Chest Cartoon

Internet business without investment …. is possible and with the tools available with the likes of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, a successful online business can be started by anyone.

All the best in your online business venture and I hope to see you at Wealthy Affiliate.

About Darren Wilkins


Darren is a semi-retired senior executive and serial entrepreneur who runs a number, of successful businesses both online and offline.

With 30+ years experience in management and as a management consultant Darren has a can-do attitude and offers real practical advice that can be used for any business no matter the size, Darren is using his time focusing on online opportunities and building better businesses.

With global experience managing and directing multimillion-dollar mega construction projects and businesses. Darren has a wealth of practical experience to share and wants to help you and your business.

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11 thoughts on “Internet business without investment

  1. I learn lots of thing from ur link…I want to start work with you ..but there is no such thing to start free and let me how can i start online business .but as a student I am not liable to spend a single of money

  2. Hello, I have learned lot of things from you, I have been looking at how to start online and especially regarding blogging. You explain it all simple and have shown how easily it can be done thanks, I now know where to start.

    • Well done Chris, glad you found the article helpful and you can now get started on your own online business, please keep us informed of your progress.

  3. I love what you have got to say.
    The information you have provided is very simple and straight forward. After reading tis I think if I do as you say starting an internet business will be easy and I hope will help change my life.

  4. Sorry but I just can’t agree with your reasoning, there is no such thing as starting a business for free, freebies are for losers and is all you are promoting is a quick way to fail and only losers fail.

    • Rowen you are entitled to your opinion, any business requires the input of time and energy this may be at a personal cost but not monetary. Any business can be started with little or no financial input if you plan it right. If tools are available online for free such as then only a fool would pass them by.

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