Increase Customers To Your Business

Increase Customers To Your Business

Every business needs customers, without customers your business won’t exist. How can you increase customers to your business?

As your customer base is the life of your business, you need to strengthen and grow that base. Keeping your existing customers is vital but creating new customer leads is vital to the growth and to continuing your businesses existence.

Creating new leads can be the biggest challenge to any business.
How can that be achieved?

Increase Customers To Your Business

Build On What You Have

Every business has customers; it’s these customers that are the core to your businesses success, get to know your customers, what are their likes/dislikes, their wants and needs?

Getting to know your customers will give you a better understanding and insight that you can use to tailor your marketing and target specific products or services that suit their needs.

By personalising your marketing; and giving your customers what they want, will put you above your competition. Once the market knows you cater to their wants and needs, you will see your business attracting more customers and strengthen the loyalty of your existing customer base.

Increase Customers To Your Business


Your existing customer base is what has helped your business get to where it is today. You want your business to grow, and you want those new customers.

Balancing energies between the two can be a real challenge; you want to retain your existing customers but want to, still give them the attention required to retain them.

Make a balance sheet of your customers and rank score them 1-5, by doing this will help you identify where to focus your efforts. Those ranked lower will require more attention and you can expand your list to see what marketing areas you need to focus.

From you rank list you will also be able to identify what type of customers you have; you should also be able to identify their background i.e. Business People, Housewives, Age/Gender, interests, etc. And from this it will be easy to know where to target for new customers.

Customer Service

When we make a purchase one of the things we remember is, how we were treated.

You have likely had an experience of poor service, service that left you bitter and uncomfortable, deciding never to go there again, and you probably told your friends.

My Experience

I still remember a bad purchasing experience I wanted to buy a new computer, I knew exactly what I wanted and had selected three stores to compare price and service, so it should have straight forward.

The first store

I eliminated very fast, I stood there for perhaps 5mins waiting to be served, not a big issue as they were busy.
A bit of common courtesy would have gone a long way and probably kept me in the store; I was seen but not acknowledged.

The next store

I walked in and was approached immediately, I thought this looks promising. How wrong I was, at that moment a very attractive young woman entered, and I was dropped, like a hot potato. I voiced my disappointment left the store and was followed by the young lady visibly embarrassed and commented on her displeasure at the service.

What I wanted was service, if, in the future, I had any problems with setup or faults I wanted a store that could be relied on to give me the service I wanted.

The third store

By this time I was feeling a bit disheartened and wasn’t expecting much due to the previous experience. What a surprise I was immediately welcomed and asked what I wanted and they listened.

Two young guys had recently started up and were obviously keen for business; they bent over backwards gave me great advice and from me had a sure sale. They even helped me carry the new computer and hardware out to and put it in my car.

They had my phone and email and a few days later followed up to check if all was ok.

What, fantastic service, we developed a great working relationship, and I have now used them for many years.

Service to Remember

My experiences above; I still remember to this day and I learned a very valuable lesson, offering great customer service is the most important thing to do if you want your existing customers to keep coming back. And bad service will stick in a potential customer’s mind for a long time and like me I spread the word around. Those first two businesses are now long gone, but those two young men, now have one of the most successful Computer IT stores in the state and from that small store to over twenty.

Increase Customers To Your Business

Make sure you get it right, loyal customers are worth their weight in gold and will make it know you are the place to go for great service, generating you more customers.

Increasing customers can seem daunting, but with a little effort and trying new ways you will soon find your customer base and business growing. Being at the top in your market can be achieved by being remembered as the business that looks after its customers, listening to them and always following up. Before long you will Increase Customers To Your Business.

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