I’m out of Nespresso Capsules

I’m out of Capsules for my Nespresso;

I love my Nespresso and the last time I was back in Australia I stocked up, I stuffed maybe 2000 capsules in every nook and cranny I could find in our luggage. 

When that supply was exhausted I went back to buying them online from a supplier in Guangzhou in South China, and now it looks like his supply has run out 🙁 

I’ve got about three espressos left, I like it strong about a 10, I have a few hundred decaf’s not my first choice except if I’m desperate late at night, for now I will keep them in reserve.

While living in China has its benefits, like the cheap cost of living (a can of Beer 25c);  things like coffee are expensive and difficult to find unless I go to Starbucks.

Today, a last resort, I looked online and watched a Youtube on refilling Nespresso Capsules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efjFS73AC2I looked like its worth a try. 

Off to Tesco now and try and buy some Ground Coffee Beans (only have an old hand grinder), I’ll update when I’m Back.

Back from Tesco, 65rmb ($11USD) for 250g of an unknown brand (didn’t look very appealing), after lunch I will try Carrefour or Metro. I know Metro has good Beans as I used to buy them for my Delonghi Magnifica which had a built in grinder, the problem with Metro is most things are in Bulk. I don’t want to buy 10kg of beans and have to grind them, might build so muscle though 🙂

Well, back from Metro, Carrefour only had instant “Ughh!” Metro came through 99rmb ($16 USD) for a kilo,   so now I have Ground Coffee Beans, time to try if the Youtube method works.

Cleaned out the capsule and packed it with coffee as guided.

Now put it in the “Home Made” Nespresso Capsule, fingers crossed.

Home Made Nespresso Refill








Hey, it actually works!!

Time to enjoy a well-earned coffee!  😛 

Home Made Nespresso Complete

Flavour is a bit weak compared to what I would normally drink, anyway it’s acceptable.

I am sure with a bit of practice I will get a great flavour locked in. Once I have it sorted I will post an update and share my learnings. At least for now I can have a coffee or two in the morning.

That is one of the minor issues and frustrations; I deal with because I choose to live in China, while most items, we take for granted in the western world are available, sometimes it takes a bit of ingenuity and time to seek out a solution or find a suitable product or alternative.

Every day brings something new it’s always exciting living here in China. As time goes by I am sure I will have many events small and large to share.

Time for another Coffee mmmm I can smell and taste it now. 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “I’m out of Nespresso Capsules

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed this post, nespresso capsules are readily available for me, but the price can be ridiculous I think I will try your ideas.

    • Thanks Moram, let me know how you go trying different capsule options and please share if you find some good tips.

  2. Hi! I can completely relate to your dilemma! …ha ha I don’t have to though. Lot’s of dark, rich decadent caffeine ripe for the picking on my carousel, in my pantry, in my freezer and in my mug. Aaaaaah, life in Canada is good to the last drop.
    Necessity most certainly is the mother of invention. I’m glad you are enjoying your experience in China. Have you and Nathaniel crossed paths yet? He sure seemed to enjoy it there for awhile too.
    I am very new to WA. I come from a life in the trades so not only am I having to learn about the internet but computers in general. I broke down and ordered the latest chromebook from Toshiba. I figure since my head is in the clouds half the time I may as well start working out of there too. It is my hope that the Google OS will be less garbled with redundant crap! I am feeling a little long in the tooth for such a steep learning curve. I’m gonna’ straighten a few of them curves out lickety split.
    I will be thinking of you each time I have a particularly delicious cup of coffee…and smiling

    • Thank’s Susan, Life in China is an experience, I’ve been coming here for work on and off for the past 20 years and have seen a lot of changes. Good coffee is still a challenge I have to live with. Never tried a Chromebook, I’ve always had Windows computers until about 10 months ago I changed to a MacBook Air on advice from a friend never looked back.
      Thanks for the comment, time for a coffee I think. 🙂

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