How to Stay Motivated in Business

How to Stay Motivated in Business

How to Stay Motivated in Business; being a business owner, brings great rewards but it also brings great challenges, which often come on a daily basis. These challenges can lead to fear or frustration leaving you uninspired and causing a lack of motivation.How to Stay Motivated in Business

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How can you get back the motivation you had when you first started?

As human beings, we all like to be praised, told we are doing good, being liked and get general encouragement, don’t we.

Being in business is no different we still need to be encouraged and at times we need our egos massaged for a little boost. The question is how can I get that needed encouragement?

Customer Feedback

Positive feedback from our customers is a sure way to stay motivated in business. There are many ways you can get feedback from your customers we will look at just two of the best ways in this section.

1. Customer Surveys

A simple survey is a fantastic tool to get feedback from your customer base. A survey can be as simple as filling out a quick 5-10 questionnaire with a tick the boxes giving yes or no answers.

You can use SurveyMonkey a free online service that you can customize and make your survey with the questions you want to ask Setting up your survey is easy, again ask simple questions i.e. your service, perceived customer relations, business location, operating hours, products, etc.

2. Talk to your customers

Talking to your customers is one of the best ways to get feedback, and direct, immediate, feedback can really, get the motivation going.

When you talk to your customers ask them questions about how you compare to your competition, what does the customer want, why do they buy from you. Always ask what their perception is, on what you can do to improve, sometimes the answer may be unrealistic but at least you have a guide as to their thoughts.How to Stay Motivated in Business

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Feedback will always help you find ways to improve your business. Getting ideas will help you, giving the motivation to liven up your business. As a side bonus; it gives your customers a sense of being welcomed, and that you are putting them first, a happy customer always comes back. 

 They will talk about you to friends giving you free advertising, something we all want.

Positive feedback will get you that feel good sensation, but more importantly, you will see areas that may require attention. Surely these areas requiring attention will give you the motivation to improve.



When you started, you set goals, where these goals achieved, great, have you set new goals. If not review your original goals, where they realistic, break them down into smaller simple, achievable goals.

Always make realistic goals, when you fail to reach your mark this can quickly lead to a lack of motivation, so make sure you don’t set the bar too high.

As you achieve each goal mark it off and give yourself a reward. Rewarding yourself will give you something to work towards and look forward to. Make sure the reward is withing your budget both cost and time, the last thing you want is it having a detrimental effect on your bottom line.

Give Back

What role does your business have in your local community? Can you spend time or have the funds to donate, helping or sponsoring a local event?

How to Stay Motivated in Business

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All of the successful business entrepreneurs from Bill Gates to Richard Branson all give back and gives them a huge sense of personal reward and motivation.

While we may not be in the same league as Bill Gates and Richard Branson, we can still give back. Like the old saying, there is more happiness in giving than receiving.


You have been on a long road, take time and reflect on your journey from your beginning til now.

There have been highs and lows, looking back at these you have endured and the fact you are still here is a great credit to you.
Reflection can give you the inspiration to keep going and do more.


Networking with other business owners and entrepreneurs can be a huge source of encouragement. Listening to others in the same position as you can be invaluable, not only encouraging to you, but you can also inspire others.

Join a local Business group and get involved, become a mentor to new starters do these, and you are sure to be motivated.

Self Motivation

Reading how others have overcome obstacles, the trials and suffering they have endured will surely motivate you. Always remember you are not alone, looking at others as role models will inspire you and keep you going.

Remember the greatest asset your business has is YOU. Neglect yourself, if you fail your business fails.

Never forget YOU, take the time to become refreshed, spend time with your family, do exercise, eat healthily and always learn.

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8 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated in Business

  1. Sure am inspired, most of the times we fail just because we don’t have the information but this one is impressive. We need to learn from others, get feedback from our customers and also giving is one thing I can’t forget. Thanks guys

    • Hi Jared, So glad you found us and found the information we provide to be of benefit. Yes, giving can bring the greatest joy and it is something that never fails to inspire and motivate. If you have any questions or require further assistance you can email us at

  2. keep feeding us with such a beautiful message and tips for going. Am always motivated when I come to your blog. I have just started to operate my own business so need more of your advice. Thank u

    • Thank’s Christian, yes more, good and helpful information is on the way and we will be posting more very soon, and the best of luck with your business.

  3. Hi Darren, your article is full of truth and inspiration. Being involved in business development myself, learning how to stay motivated in business is something which has helped to keep me going. Giving back to the community is also something which I have as one of my goals. Thank you for the encouragement and renewing my beliefs.
    ~ Sue

    • Thank you Sue, having managed major project and businesses sometimes challenges can seem too big to overcome and it’s very easy for negativity to set in. Using ways to stay motivated always give a boost and put a smile on my face. I look forward to hearing more from you thank’s again.

  4. Hi Darren

    I love yr site, simply awesome!!

    Yes, I totally agree that if we could get feedback from our customers, it will definitely improve our online business. :))

    I also agree that giving back to society is one of the ways that we would feel motivated. It is always in the giving that we receive so much unspeakable joy!!

    Once again, thank you for a wonderful blog post on How To Stay Motivated In Business!!

    Jewel Caroll

    • Hi Jewel, Feedback is always positive, there are so many more ways to get the motivation going, I just covered a few and I feel giving back is at the top of the list. Thank you for your comment.

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