How to follow-up on Sales Leads

How to follow-up on Sales Leads

How to follow-up on sales leads is a question asked by every business owner? Almost every business owner knows how it feels when your business is running smoothly you have everything going exactly how you want it, but there is always something that we can improve. 

How to follow-up on sales leads

Often the one area that always needs work, and this applies to any business no matter what your market, is how to increase sales, so the question is how to follow-up on sales leads?

Sometimes all you need is a little push on that sales lead you found.
It could mean everything for your business, and your profits could potentially skyrocket, if you do it right and get a successful sale.

Most times the greatest milestone you will encounter, is that initial follow-up. And, if you do not know how to properly follow-up on sales leads, it could mean facing some heavy setbacks.

By no means be frightened, it’s not as difficult as you think, you can easily implement some follow-up techniques, that should enable you to close more sales in less time.

Step 1.

Firstly, you need to ensure you or a team member follows EVERY lead. Trust me; this is crucial for your success. Some leads display immediate recognition, and it is fair game to go after them.
However, leads that may seem like these would be hard to follow-up on may have the highest potential, and a few more calls could result in big sales.

So next time you think a lead is weak, think again.

How to follow-up on sales leads

Step 2.

Your timing must be perfect. You always have to be available when the demand arises. On weak leads, frequently contact for longer periods of time.
Have a sense of urgency and respond to every lead as soon as possible.

According to the Harvard Business Review, businesses that respond to inquiries within an hour are seven times more likely to qualify a lead than businesses that wait longer than an hour.

Tom Batchelder says in his sales book; ‘Barking Up a Dead Horse’ to use a wise strategy of ‘dead-horsing’. By dead-horsing a prospect, you give out an indication that you would like immediate results of your previous discussions.

You also make sure you make them realise that if they don’t close the deal soon, they’re going to lose the opportunity you are offering completely.
Most people don’t want to lose any good opportunity to get a bargain save or make money, so most will respond.

The thing to always remember is to use a professional and formal approach and not to use threatening language and always be alert to signs of any block. Being alert to signs such as minor aggression or even disinterest, is a sure sign it’s time to back off. You need not necessarily quit, but it may be time to take a break and try another day with a slightly different approach. Push too much and that would put off the deal entirely.

Importantly, ensure you have in place a proper system to work with. You and or/your team must be able to answer every type of question asked about the service or product you are selling. The key is to be prepared, know your product or service intimately and likewise know the same of your competitors product or service.

All that said, there is no more magic to following-up than any other. All you have to remember is that you are the product or service provider and deserve the lead more than anyone. Be desperate, there is nothing wrong with that. Remember you are in business to make money. No one rejects you because you followed up too much. In fact, your competition likely does it so why not you? It pays to be at the top of the pack.

Step 3.

Lastly, when it appears you might be losing a lead, slow things down, build trust and introduce new ideas. Doing this will help to ensure the other person that you want to find the most profitable solution to the deal. Soon, they will realise that you are the best business.

How to follow-up on sales leads

By following these three simple approaches, there is no doubt you and your business will soon be reaping the benefits. You will be seeing these leads turning into sales, and potentially regular customers giving you the competitive edge. 

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8 thoughts on “How to follow-up on Sales Leads

  1. Hi Darren, great article. I have struggled with follow ups and how to re-approach customers. Your post makes it clear what I was missing.

    • Hi John, I am so glad you found the article of benefit, taking the time and putting in that little bit of effort can pay real dividends. Let us know how it goes and if you have succuess in following up on those forgotten leads.

  2. He Darren, great article. I struggle a bit with follow up business on one of my websites. I am aware that some of my customers could be potential serial buyers, but not quite sure how to turn them on to other products. Your article provides great help. Thanks

    • Thank’s John, it’s great you found the post beneficial a bit of time spent can enable you to tap into, potentially very profitable leads.

  3. Hello Darren, thank you again for this article. After reading it I gave it some further thought, so I read it again, I am sure I have been missing out on so many potential sales. Thanks for your further comments, I never stopped to think my clients have busy lives just like me and with all the best intentions things get put aside with time. I am inspired to action and will be on the phone and email first thing in the morning.

    • Thank you Sue, without sales the success of any business is in doubt. It likes like you are taking the initiative to follow up, often the simplest reminder to potential clients can wake them into action. Our potential clients may have had the best intention to take action initially on our offer but just like us they are leading busy lives and as you know distractions get in the way. Take action follow up and make that sale.

  4. Hello Darren, thank you for this article. I have learnt the importance of following up on sales leads and the weak point in my business. Very often, I get sales leads from participating at trade shows, but somehow these do not translate into sales or repeat customers. Upon this realization, I will be taking some action to improve on the follow up of my sales leads.

    • Well done Sue, I am sure your actions will pay dividends, please let us know how you got on and what results you got from following up

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