Five Tips To Driving Sales With Mobile Marketing

Five Tips to Driving Sales with Mobile Marketing  

Sales can be difficult to secure, but mobile marketing delivers the resourceful tools needed to land connections, garner feedback and prepare, a business for success. Mobile marketing has expanded the business world’s horizons, generating a slew of opportunities for the pros—both in-house and abroad. Here are Five Tips to Driving Sales with Mobile Marketing you can use today.

Fortunately, mobile marketing is incredibly accessible. Generating sales needn’t be a lesson in self-defeat, and a variety of options exist for those, intent upon boosting their sales capacity and effectiveness. Check out the biggest sales-boosting tips around, and find out how to harness them via smartphone.

Five Tips to Driving Sales with Mobile Marketing

Tip One: Speed Up the Checkout Process

Mobile-based checkout options are in—and waiting is out. If you can reduce the buyer’s path-to-purchase, you can influence the environment, gaining numbers. Modern consumers don’t like waiting. Two in three e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned before checkout, leading professionals to believe in “retention is king” strategies.

Aid your consumers with mobile-based options. When possible, include access points. Include mobile triggers. If you can reduce the sales process’s complexity, you can win. Remember: Keep the process simple. When possible, offer auto-fill form options. Include cross-pay options, and be sure to reformat any clunky forms. A slick, clean mobile environment will keep the customers and drive sales.

Tip Two: Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Similar to your e-commerce checkout environment, your mobile-based website should be streamlined for quick, conducive access. Mobile commerce is growing quickly. In 2014, it accounted for $19 billion. In 2015: $25 billion. In 2016, experts project a new height of $31 billion. You mustn’t neglect your mobile website. It’s the source of your e-commerce, and it’s the gateway to sales.

Before engaging consumers, make your mobile website mobile friendly. Ensure the security of dropdown menus, and streamline content for mobile screens. If possible, use WordPress to create a slim design. Or, use free themes to save money.

 Tip Three: Make Company Calling Easy

Consumers like immediate contact, and the mobile revolution has made instant calls commonplace. Your mobile marketing campaign should include an instantly accessible call option. Studies find consumers unable to call a company directly are:

  • 47 percent likely to feel annoyed or frustrated.
  • 47 percent likely to explore other brands.
  • 33 percent less likely to return to the original brand.

Your mobile marketing strategy should include a company call button when possible. Any SMS strategies, similarly, should include contact information. As your consumer browses your mobile-based website, they’re likely to consider purchasing options. Always include a number when important information is displayed, or when offers are prompted.

Tip Four: Take Advantage of Past-Customer Marketing

Consumer retention constitutes a big slice of sales. If you’re focusing on sales increases, target previous customers with mobile technology’s finest offers. Location-based services, maps, SMS messages and social media are all handy tools—and each is capable of refreshing a stale approach.

To target previous customers, access email lists. Similarly, imbue your mobile website with cross-platform offers. For example: Offer a text-based promotions program via your website. If you can attract consumers across platforms, you’ll be able to inspire them with new offers. Social media should be used, too, as comment spreads, page visits and even off-site media hosts, like YouTube, offer valuable customer retention resources.

Five Tips to Driving Sales with Mobile Marketing

Tip Five: Use Visual Media

Visual media drives sales, too. Why? Because consumers have engaged social media. Facebook-scrolling buyers aren’t looking for a wall of text. They’re looking for interesting content. Check out your current promotions, and invoke them with visual media. You’ll be surprised how many followers you’ll gain with interesting asides, unique videos and photos.

Social media has become an incredibly viable sales resource, and mobile users dominate it daily. If you can target mobile users via social media, you can influence their sales process. Moreover, you can increase your potential sales audience. As you garner attention, release information on special offers, in-store sales events and e-commerce opportunities. Even strictly brick-and-mortar entities can gain from mobile-to-social-media strategies. Don’t neglect them.

Your strategy will change, and it’ll evolve to encompass a larger audience. Fortunately, mobile marketing is incredibly flexible. Driving sales is a constant effort, and your smartphone-based solutions can morph to form new platforms themselves. Remember: The customer comes first. Always ensure a secure environment, and disclose important information at every angle.

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