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You now have and run your own business; it is often harder to run a small business successfully as you are the one who does it all.

Running a successful small business starts with the planning stage, if you followed the steps in starting a business page you are now setup and running. Starting is only the beginning; every choice you have made and you now make influence your potential for success. Your success in business can stem from the choice, you have made when setting up and starting your business.

Dream or Reality

Review your business plan: 

Your business plan helps you launch your business and keep track of your goals and objectives as you work to expand it. Now you have started review your plan and make any necessary tweaks or changes, parts of your business plan should be live. Markets change, laws change; your strategy for advertising and legal compliance will need to keep pace with these changes. Monthly reviews are necessary when we first start, schedule time to do this and as we become confident with our plan and our business is on track we can then stretch this to quarterly then twice yearly.

Monitor your finances:

When you started you created your budget, you had enough money to cover not only your startup expenses, but also operational expenses for a several months. Well done if you made a profit right away; it’s always wise to keep some money on hand for emergencies and any other unforeseen expenses.

Are you an employer, being a small business, you will hire your employees, and these employees will influence your success in business as well. Employees are often the face of your business, and they are the ones your customers deal with first and because of the influence employees have for your enterprise, it is important to choose wisely. Choosing family and friends as employees while admirable is often not a wise choice and difficult to take action if you need to discipline or terminate them.

Stay on top of your bookkeeping and especially business taxes, depending on your country, businesses often have to pay quarterly taxes and may be subject to tax requirements that individuals are not. Keep records of all of your income and expenses, and file taxes according to the deadlines of your countries tax office..rsz_1rsz_money_balance


You are in business to make money; no other reason so make sure you are profitable. Most successful business look at a profit margin, of 30%+ while it is difficult to achieve this with startup it is very realistic for an established business. Monitor your profit and set the lowest profit margin that you are comfortable going down to as review indicator. If in the event that your profit margins are creeping down to your lowest margin, i.e.,.12% It’s time to have a close look and review and get back on track. Maybe if you are constantly in the lower profit margin range, it’s time to reassess and consider closing the doors, “don’t keep flogging a dead horse”.

Advertise your business:

If no one knows, your business exists you can’t expect to be a success. There are many options available to get known, simple fliers, brochures, business cards and newspaper ads are good ways to advertise on a budget.Market Share Radio and television advertising you might think it’s out of your league often there are many community stations with very affordable options that may suit your needs. One of the best ways is word of mouth, ask loyal customers to tell others about your business, most likely they will do it, but it’s good to know.


After we have been in business for a while, our customers will indicate their wants and needs, be alert to these and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your business. Expansion may mean looking for new products or services to add to your list of what you already offer. In some cases, it may even mean expanding your business to include additional physical locations.

Being successful in business is about monitoring and control, by doing this, you can make adjustments along the way always fine tuning to give you the competitive edge and keep you out front.

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8 thoughts on “Run a Successful Business

  1. Good advice you have here I wish I had this kind of information available when I started. I am very impressed by the information you provide on this site, this is the second comment I have left now and I am sure I will leave more after reading further. I run a business and have been for about 5 years now. It has been a struggle at times, now all is going smoothly and I want to keep it that way, knowing what I know now would have made success easier and earlier. Thank you for the information I am sure it will make a new starters life easier.

    • Gordon, I appreciate your comment and I am sure new starters will also. Being in business need not be difficult there are a few rules to follow, do these and you can be successful. It looks like you now have success, well done and thanks for sharing. We hope to always provide information to assist anyone in business and shed some light on how to make business running that little bit easier.

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