Being in Business What does it Really Mean

If you are thinking of going into business, you have probably heard hundreds of reasons not to. The cost is too high both financial and personal; there are too many risks, your social life will be out the window, there are millions of reasons not too.


What is the real attraction of being in business yourself and becoming and entrepreneur?

Freedom; freedom to choose your destiny, freedom to spend time how you want, freedom to do what you want where and when, and one of the most important, freedom from the financial burdens most people, live and deal with daily.


While none of these will happen overnight, with persistence and a well-planned business strategy, the chance of these happening are very high.

Let’s look at these closer;

Freedom to chose your destiny

Have you ever worked for a boss and said I could do that better, I would do……
Well with your own business you can, you are 100% in control, you control all the decisions, the good and the bad. You having control gives you the security you never have as asn employee.
You control how you spend your time; you control how to spend and/or invest the profits.
Do you want to leave a legacy for your children, the community or some else? Being in control gives you the freedom to decide your own future.

Freedom is Yours


Freedom to spend time how you want

Starting out you will be spending almost every waking moment on planning, marketing and nurturing your new business venture, and often for little financial return. 

Once you are established maybe you appoint a manager to run the day to day operations, you then have time to spend how you want.

Spend time more time with your family, volunteering at a hobby or sport you enjoy.

The choice is yours to spend time how you want.


Freedom to do what you want where and when

Now with extra time available you have the freedom to choose. You could spend the time on that travel vacation you wanted. Or this, is a great time to expand your existing business strengthening and re-investing. It could also be a great time to start a never venture.


Freedom from the financial burdens most people live and deal with daily

Financial freedom is one of the main reasons people start their own business. Everyone wants financial independence, and for everyone this has a different meaning.

Having a positive cashflow from your business gives you the security to be financially free.

positive cashflow


With your new found freedom the opportunities to do what you want where and when are endless.

Starting your own business is your key to freedom, so why not get started now.

Read the pages and blog posts on this site and you will soon be on your way to being successful and free.