Business Ideas For 2016

Business Ideas For 2016

Thinking of Business Ideas For 2016, you might not have any concrete plans, but we all contemplate on starting our own business at some point in our lives. Now, you can live the dream of becoming a business owner with any of these ideas to try this year. Now, you can live the dream of becoming a business owner with any of these business ideas to for 2016 so why not get started and try some of these ideas this year.

Business Ideas For 2016


1) Juice bar and smoothie café

Aside from riding on the ethical consumerism and sustainable practices trends, this business is very viable because of the persistent emphasis on healthy eating. Some coffee shops, cafés, and restaurants offer juices and smoothies. However, establishments that focus on these healthy drinks alone are very few even on eco-conscious communities. So, this can be a very lucrative business. You may also sell juicers or recipe books on your café.


2) Remote bookkeeping service

Over the past few years since the recession, firms are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. One of the tactics is to cut employee headcount including the accounting staff and thus, minimize administrative overhead. Nonetheless, not all companies can continue operating without some bookkeeping works even it means hiring a bookkeeper on-demand. Thus, there’s a sizable clientèle for this business. A remote bookkeeper takes the work with him or her and comes back to the office after the work is done.


3) Property management service

Take a cue from Airbnb. Some of the properties for rent there are either second homes or bought for that specific purpose. However, not all property owners can maintain the said properties. Your job is to ensure that a property is ready before someone occupies it and fresh after the occupant leaves. In some cases, you may also offer property rental services, handling the property from marketing to maintenance. The high numbers of unoccupied properties in a neighbourhood is a clear indicator that this business has potential especially if there are tourist spots around that neighborhood.

Business Ideas For 2016

4) Furniture restoration or upcycling

Such trade requires the right skills that can be easily learned. If you already have these skills, you may start looking for old pieces of furniture that you can repair, restore or upcycle. You may do so for few to several pieces and sell them during your ‘sale day’ or refurbish a piece and sell it to your relatives, friends, neighbors or even online one at a time. You decide on the route to take. These household goods are expensive, and homeowners themselves will look for alternatives such as repairing them if they can still be repaired before throwing them away. Thus, this business is highly feasible and profitable.


5) Mobile pet grooming service

Pet grooming is a thriving business. In fact, a 2012 study reveals that more than 65% of households in the US had pets, some of which could become your clients. This business not only requires the appropriate skills, but also the right attitude and of course, passion. The premise is that not all has the luxury of time to bring their pets even to the nearest pet grooming shop. Why don’t you bring the services to their homes?


6) Plants online sales

Here’s the opportunity to show to as many people as possible how proud you are of your green thumb. This niche is in its infancy but is growing steadily. It could be flowering plants, indoor and outdoor Zen plants, young bamboo plants, bonsais or succulents. If not the plants, you may sell plantable papers. This is also a growing business, and its clientèle is global. The target market is also diverse from green brides to eco-friendly firms.


7) Used book sales

Almost of us have some books stashed away and collecting dust on the shelves or at the attic. Turn them into cold cash by selling them. You may sell them through a garage sale or online, specifically on Craiglist and other dedicated buyback websites. Yes, these sites exist. These sites buy books back and sell them to whoever need them especially the students.

Take Action

Why don’t you start your new year with a new business? You’ve dreamed about this for so long and now is the perfect time to live that dream. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back. If not now, when? Above are some of the business ideas that you may consider for this year so take action now and change your life

Business Ideas For 2016


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