5 Hot Tips to Hire the Best Freelance Writer

5 Hot Tips to Hire the Best Freelance Writer

Any prosperous company understands that a good freelance writer is hard to find I have for you 5 Hot Tips to Hire the Best Freelance Writer.

Freelance gives plenty of possibilities for young writers: you get a chance to combine obtaining an academic degree with work. Moreover, it is a great experience in organizing personal working routine. Being a boss, you control the process and implementation of tasks by yourself. Many young people showed interest in this type of occupation. And here the question arises: “How can an employer choose the best freelance author if there are many of them and they possess similar skills? It is a tricky challenge because finding a reliable and responsible writer is a tiresome experience. Thus, here you have 5 expert advice on how to hire skilled and experienced freelance author.

  1. Start with resumes examination

This is the first and the most important step in hiring a freelance writer. Resumes are your chance to know a personality, without making an acquaintance as itself. A profound resume must contain details about education, job experiences and personal characteristic of a candidate. Pay attention to the philological education of the potential author. Revise his/her composing skills. You can do it simply by overviewing the resume’s composition: grammar rules have to be followed. Primarily, test the ability to create simple, but subtle phrases. The applicant has to be very erudite and show it in the personal resume. Mind previous workplaces and recommendations. If a person worked for the mediocre company for too long, don’t expect a thorough understanding of the matter and extraordinary skills. Recommendations should also be organized and include specific information about the project of work performed by the applicant in the past. Don’t fall for pompous characteristics and puffy phrases: remember to be sensible and prudent in your choice.

  1. Send a test-task

Test tasks are frequently used by employers today. They help determine essential skills and abilities of the applicant. Sending a test task to the contestant, you have to take notice of following things:

  • Implementation in time. Every content author has to consider deadlines and follow them. Make sure you set a date for the task. Once it is delayed, mind this fact. Of course, there can be circumstances for the delay. Regardless of them, the future freelance writer should finish projects in time. Are you looking for an author who detains writings? Obviously not. So, be attentive to the deadlines.
  • Mind compliance with the demands. If your test task includes some points to be outlined, revise if it’s done Be attentive to the details, but not so severe: everyone can make a mistake.
  • Check structure. Any type of writing task has its specific Revise whether the applicant adheres one or not. The text has to give a rough idea of the point and contain well-defined structural parts.


Minding those points will help you to evaluate the participant’s knowledge and writing expertness.

5 Hot Tips to Hire the Best Freelance Writer

  1. Set probationary

If you have a large company, probation is the only possible way to maintain the company’s working capacity, while adding new people to the process. Even the most reliable and skilled writer can missuit your corporation or dislike working for you. The only possible way to prevent such cases is to set a probationary period for new authors. A month or two is enough to make sure if the writer copes with tasks and projects, submits orders timely. Feel free to monitor the writer’s progress and achievements. Apply project management templates to observe the accomplishments of a freelancer at work. Control enables your awareness of the situation and helps you to avoid a crisis at the company.

Also, try not to involve an author on probation in long-term projects. In case the writer did not pass probation, long-term tasks won’t suffer, and the short-term ones will be quickly finished.

  1. Use job boards advertising

It ‘s hard to come upon a freelance author if no one knows you seek one. Hopefully, there are many platforms on the Internet, where you can put your ‘writer wanted’ ad. Google best site to hire freelancers and browse job board. Design your ad to outline primary responsibilities of the freelance author and denote working conditions. Set the salary and bonuses (if you offer ones). As you expect the resume to be clear, the same way a future applicant expect the job description to be precise and contain a lot of details. Consider boards, which are aimed at freelancers and editors especially. You can subdivide your ad into categories, according to a branch of writing. For example, specify kind of texts potential author is going to deal with: freelance investment writer, freelance law writer and so on. This method of designing the ads will limit target audience and help you to hire the exact writer you are seeking. Make your needs and demands list understandable and straightforward.

Moreover, set decent and relevant pay for the freelance author. Freelancers aren’t usually overloaded with tasks: their salaries depend on the number of projects they can finish. Pay for the amount of characters or number of pages, but make it clear to the applicants: if they want to earn more, they should implement more projects.

  1. Read blogs

This advice seems very evident, though it needs some explanations. If you keep up with latest blog articles, it will be no effort for you to find an outstanding freelance author. The blog is a direct proof of writer’s skillfulness or mediocrity. It can tell a lot about blogger’s style of writing, erudition, and preferences. Observing popular blogs, you can find experienced blog writer for hire. Many of them earn a fortune as freelancers because they love writing. Their knowledge of target audience, its interests, and choices, are very valuable for a writing job on freelance. Bloggers are masters at creating original content fast and efficiently to avoid confusions with the task.

5 Hot Tips to Hire the Best Freelance Writer

Those tips are basics, but they are not obligatory to follow. We outlined the most efficient and quick ways to hire a freelance author. But, you may choose other paths. You can always ask other people to recommend you a writer. If you have a lot of acquaintances, they probably are familiar with writer or author, who desires to be occupied a freelancer. Or, you may use social networks to help with the search of a freelance author. Twitter is a great network for ads placement, and many people can retweet your post to ensure more potential employees see and reply it. LinkedIn will sort out your search results, according to the area of occupation.

As you see, there are a great variety of ways on how to hire the outstanding freelance writer. Your only task is to choose the one preferable for you. 

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